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Trillium News – July 12, 2019 edition

Posted on: July 12th, 2019 by Trillium Lutheran Church

FAIR TRADE COFFEE, TEA, AND CHOCOLATE will be available after this Sunday’s Worship Service (July 14, 2019). “Protect and nurture the environment”

THANK YOU FOR YOUR DONATIONS TO TRILLIUM’S LITTLE FREE LIBRARIES! Your generosity has supplied us with lots of adult books for now, but we could really use some more children’s books. THANK YOU FOR SHARING AND CARING!!

We are contemplating a First Year Anniversary Celebration for Sunday October 6, 2019. There will be activities in the early Fall which will lead us up to the celebration. If you would like to help with planning and/or preparation, please call the Church Office: 519-886-1880

9:00 am WORSHIP SERVICE – SUNDAY JULY 14, 2019 – THE FIFTH SUNDAY AFTER PENTECOST. ‘To love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, strength, and mind is to reflect God’s mercy in responding to one’s neighbour. That mercy found its most profound expression in the “gospel that has come to you”–namely the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. That gospel mercy comes to us again today: at the font, at the altar, and from the pulpit. It is very near to you.’ 1st Reading: Amos 7:7-17 / Psalm 82 / 2nd Reading: Colossians 1:1-14 / Gospel: Luke 10:25-37